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AP Benefit Advisors Offers Summary of the IRS' 58 Questions

More from the IRS – AP Benefit Advisors offers a quick summary of the rest of the IRS’ 58 questions and answers COBRA shorthand: AEIs (Assistance Eligible Indivduals), QB (Qualified Beneficiaries), QE (COBRA Qualifying Events), ER (Employers), EE (Employees). 10. AEIs are defined, again. 11. Invol. Terms before 9/1/08 cannot be AEIs. 12. Invol. Terms […]


IRS Defines "Involuntary Termination" as it Relates to COBRA

IRS defines “Involuntary Termination” as it relates to the COBRA Subsidy under ARRA – IRS Notice 2009-27 With the release of IRS Notice 2009-27, employers now have additional clarity regarding what the definition of “involuntary termination” means for purposes of determining whether a former employee is an AEI (Assistance Eligible Individual) under ARRA. Some key […]