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AP Benefit Advisors Offers Summary of the IRS' 58 Questions

Posted April 24, 2009 by admin

More from the IRS – AP Benefit Advisors offers a quick summary of the rest of the IRS’ 58 questions and answers

COBRA shorthand: AEIs (Assistance Eligible Indivduals), QB (Qualified Beneficiaries), QE (COBRA Qualifying Events), ER (Employers), EE (Employees).

10. AEIs are defined, again.

11. Invol. Terms before 9/1/08 cannot be AEIs.

12. Invol. Terms before 9/1/08 that did not lose coverage until after 9/1/08 are not AEIs.


IRS Defines "Involuntary Termination" as it Relates to COBRA

Posted April 23, 2009 by admin

IRS defines “Involuntary Termination” as it relates to the COBRA Subsidy under ARRA – IRS Notice 2009-27

With the release of IRS Notice 2009-27, employers now have additional clarity regarding what the definition of “involuntary termination” means for purposes of determining whether a former employee is an AEI (Assistance Eligible Individual) under ARRA. Some key points from the Questions & Answers numbers 1-9 are listed below. [ER is short for Employer and Employee is short for EE].

The IRS considers the following to be “involuntary terminations” and therefore subsidy eligible:


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