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Department of Labor – Affordable Care Act Implementation Part 2

Posted October 11, 2010 by admin

On Saturday, October 8, 2010, the DOL released additional Frequently Asked Questions about the Affordable Care Act’s implementation. Full Notice/FAQs-Part II is here. If you’d like to re-read Part I of the FAQs you can do so here or here. If you’d like to read FAQs-Part 3 (here) or Part-4 (here) you may. However, those FAQs will not affect 99% of your group health & welfare plans.

Condensed-Highlights of selected questions and answers

Question 1. Our company sponsors a group health plan for our employees that has been in effect since March 23, 2010. We and the issuer of the policy under the plan are considering whether we could make various changes to the plan without losing grandfathered status. If we avoid making any of the six specific changes described in paragraph (g)(1) of the interim final regulations relating to grandfathered health plans, are there other changes to our existing plan/policy that we need to be concerned could cause it to relinquish grandfathered status? No.

Question 2. My plan offers three benefit package options – a PPO, a POS arrangement, and an HMO. If the HMO relinquishes grandfather status, does that mean that the PPO and POS arrangement must also relinquish grandfather status? No.


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