November 2010 - Employee Benefits I AP Benefit Advisors

Grandfathered Plans – Updates & New Wrinkles

You read Crawford’s news articles on June 14th and June 17th on keeping your Plan’s Grandfathered Status (referred to as “GF status” below for shorthand purposes). And, you’ve read the regulations, the HHS/DOL’s FAQs and recent new articles. After the update below, we’ll explore a few interesting twists that we are forced to conclude from […]


Updated Health Care Reform Timelines

Health Care Reform Timelines (originally posted here on 5/20/10), are revised to include new guidance. AP Benefit Advisors’ Webinars on Health Care Reform have referenced a few timelines and charts that we have created to help Employers and Employees learn about health care reform and to determine which changes will affect you and when. Employer […]


IRS Releases 2011 401(k) Limits and Delays Health Care Reporting on W-2s

Delay Health Care Reporting on W-2s As you’ve been keeping up with Health Care Reform (HCR), you’ve undoubtedly seen our charts summarizing HCR for Employees (here) and for Employers (here) and you’ve seen that when you get your W-2 on January 31, 2012 (for the 2011 Tax Year) it is supposed to include the full […]