News? A Limit on Consumer Costs (Out of Pocket Max) is Delayed in Health Care Law

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Head over to Google and enter “NY Times limit consumer costs delayed health care law”, then hit search.  You’ll see articles from the NY Times, the Boston Globe, Huffington Post, etc.  Even is getting in on the action with their post, “Past is Prologue: Another Broken Promise and ObamaCare Delay”.  Good luck getting the NY Times article to even load — since the Drudge Report posted it (as a headline) their servers are overwhelmed.

The important take-away here is that none of this is news!  According to The, this provision has gone “unnoticed”.  Well, not for our readers, clients and friends–for them, this is not NEW news at all.  These articles (and the one from Forbes) reference a February 2013 Federal Register rule that provided non-grandfathered health plans additional time (one year) to coordinate the OOPMaxes (Out of Pocket Maximums) that a plan would have to enforce if they had separate vendors for their Medical and Prescription Drug plans.  Here’s our February 21, 2013 article on this (which references the DOL’s Affordable Care Act/PPACA FAQs Number 12).  Then, here’s our May 22, 2013 article entitled, “Your OOPMax, Your PBM and Your Non-Grandfathered Health Plan.”

As that famous law-enforcement officer from South Park, CO is so fond of saying, “Nothing to see here.  Just move along.”



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