bswift ACA Management Suite

bswift ACA Management Suite

The innovative technology employers need for ACA compliance

bswiftbswift now offers a suite of management solutions to help employers navigate the new world of health care and benefits and comply with the complex regulations of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In today’s rapidly changing environment, these tools can be quickly and easily configured to meet specific business needs.

Features include:

Risk Management

9.5% Affordability reports
Automated 30-hour rule calculations
Service hours modeling for variable-hour and seasonal employees
Administrator alerts for eligibility status changes
Integrated status change and enrollment experience
Online access to all documents for employees and administrators
Configurable plan rules and auditing tools to ensure compliance with:
waiting period restrictions, auto-enrollment, waive coverage reporting

Employee Notification

Health Insurance Marketplace Notice
Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC)
Section 6055 statement of minimum essential coverage
Section 6056 statement of affordable coverage
Online portal for variable-hour and seasonal employees
Springboard Marketplace Specials

Employer Reporting Support

Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage (W-2 Box 12)
Section 6055 IRS return / individual mandate reporting
(Forms 1094-B / 1095-B)
Section 6056 IRS return / employer mandate reporting
(Forms 1094-C / 1095-C)
Transitional Reinsurance Fee

For ongoing program support and ACA risk management, take advantage of our fully automated tools backed by our team of experts. Reach out to your Client Services Team today to learn more.