New AP Benefit Advisors Webinar Available On-Demand: Wellness Plans On Trial

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dec 2014 webinar thumb smAP Benefit Advisors General Counsel and Vice President-Compliance, Patrick Haynes, reviews the EEOC’s litigation against employer’s wellness plans. Wisconsin based Orion Energy Systems is accused of violating federal law by requiring an employee to submit to medical exams and other inquiries that, according to the EEOC, were not consistent with business necessity as part of a “wellness program”. When they subsequently fired the employee who objected to the program, the EEOC filed a lawsuit. The EEOC maintains that Orion’s wellness program violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and further asserts that Orion interfered with the employee’s exercise of federally protected rights to not be subjected to unlawful medical exams and disability-related inquiries. Topics discussed include:

  •  EEOC vs. Orion Energy Systems
  •  EEOC vs. Flambeau Inc.
  •  EEOC vs. Honeywell
  •  Compare/Contrast those cases to bona-fide HIPAA/PPACA Compliant Wellness Plans
  •  Strategies for implementing plans that make sense and avoid litigation

View the webinar at

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