Webinar: The Cadillac Tax, Repeal or Compliance – How Employers Can Prepare

PPACAJoin AP Benefit Advisors General Counsel and Vice President-Compliance, Patrick Haynes, for this complimentary webinar, as he reviews important changes relating to The Cadillac Tax. Many are predicting this to be the next big multibillion dollar ACA battle, eventually affecting more than 60% of all Employers/Plan Sponsors. The Cadillac Tax is one of the final major components of the Affordable Care Act to go into effect, delayed until January 2018 because of controversy and complexity. Some larger employers are already negotiating contracts with unions for benefits that will spill into 2018. The Cadillac Tax is designed to reduce health care usage and costs by leveraging more cost-effective employee plans. It also levies a 40% tax on employers that provide high-cost health benefits to their employees. In this webinar, we’ll review two possible paths, one in the event of a repeal, and the other to help ensure compliance and penalty avoidance in the event the regulations remain in place. Topics include:

• What are the nuances and how much could it cost?
• How can penalties be avoided?
• Whose coverage will get counted?
• How are the calculations made?
• What adjustments can be made to those calculations, and when must you make them?
• Enrollment tiers for MEC Plans
• Applicable thresholds under current regulations
• Effective date – Impact of possible repeal

​Open to all HR professionals – but not brokers, agents, TPAs, PEOs

Date & Time: Wed, May 27, 2015 12:00 PM – 12:35 PM EDT
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