Paid Leave for Federal Contracts

Paid Leave for Federal Contracts

Flu cold or allergy symptom. Closeup of sick young woman girl with fever sneezing in tissue. Health care. Studio shot. Black and white photo.On September 7, 2015, President Obama ordered paid leave for federal contractors and subcontractors. Federal contracts may earn a maximum of seven days paid sick leave each year. The workers can earn a minimum of one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours that they work. This law will also allow workers to use their paid sick leave to care for themselves and family members.

This law does not provide small contractors with an option to provide unpaid sick leave. It allows individuals to take leave that results from typical paid-sick-leave reasons, which can include physical or mental illness, domestic violence incidents, etc.

Companies must determine their contractor status and review their Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), state mandated sick leave laws and local mandated sick leave laws.

Source: SHRM | Strong Reactions to Requiring Contractors to Give Paid Leave

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