3 Simple Ingredients to Help Your Millennial Employees Flourish

3 Simple Ingredients to Help Your Millennial Employees Flourish

We all desire to feel appreciated at work in some way or another, whether it’s a quick “good job!” in passing, an HR-appropriate pat on the back, or a company-wide recognition. These are all things that your boss or company should be doing regardless of generation, but it seems to be more essential in the mental, physical and life-affirming well-being of our youngest workforce…the millennials.

Millennials may be entitled, impulsive and pampered, but they are also ambitious, fearless, and progressive. They are paving the way for a bolder and brighter future and we need to encourage them instead of putting them down. The older generations have created this new generation, so we need to continue to push and mold them into the successful leaders they feel they can be.

Here are three ingredients you need to keep your millennials alive and well:

  • In-house opportunities: Millennials have a sense of self-worth and need their work to mean something in their life. Aside from their salary and work/life balance needs, millennials’ desire for opportunities to progress and to be leaders. Show them the ways and what it takes to rise up.
  • A fair shake: Even though millennials look a bit more brittle and sensitive, they do know when you’re patronizing them and not treating them fairly. They want to be treated as equally as you would your more seasoned workers. They’re willing to work hard and leave their footprint, but don’t want to be shortchanged in the process.
  • Recognition, when it’s warranted: Millennials are known for their sense of entitlement and need for affirmation, but if you take a look around you’ll find that even your more tenured employees are exactly the same. Employees, including millennials, know when they’ve done well and are making a difference, so recognize and reward ALL well-deserved accomplishments…no matter how big or small!

Source: Business Management Daily | 3 things millennial employees need to excel in your workplace

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