April 2018 - Employee Benefits I AP Benefit Advisors

IRS Changes Position on HSA Family Limit

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced relief for taxpayers with family coverage under a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) who contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA). For 2018, taxpayers with family coverage under an HDHP may treat $6,900 as the maximum deductible HSA contribution. As we announced in early March, as part of […]


AP Benefit Advisors HRCI* & SHRM** Pre-Approved Webinar: Improve Your 2018 Compliance Outlook with These 13 Lucky Tips & Insights

13 is your lucky number! Join AP Benefit Advisors’ General Counsel and VP of Compliance, Patrick Haynes, for this HRCI* and SHRM** pre-approved, complimentary, one-hour webinar as he counts down these 13 lucky tips and insights to improve your 2018 compliance outlook: ACA – Limits (OOPMax Changes 2018 vs. 2019, Affordability Changes 2018 vs. 2019) […]


2019 Final Regulations for EHBs, OOPMs and Marketplace Updates

Update, May 21, 2018:  ACA Affordability Threshold – Adjustments 2014 through 2019 2014 Affordability 9.5% 2015 Affordability 9.56% 2016 Affordability 9.66% 2017 Affordability 9.69% 2018 Affordability 9.56% This is the first time since the implementation of the ACA rules that the affordability contribution percentages have been reduced. Guidance: https://www.apbenefitadvisors.com/2017/06/12/irs-reduces-2018-affordability-percentages/ 2019 Affordability percentage – 9.86% (see […]