AP Benefit Advisors Advantage Program

AP Benefit Advisors Advantage Program


The process we use “The Advantage” is an effective way to identify opportunities to increase ROI or identify risks (i.e. compliance, the new ACA rules and regulations, etc.) The Advantage is AP Benefit Advisors’ unique, consultative approach to analyzing a given company’s welfare benefit plans. We have identified 11 critical indicators that differentiate a “high performing” employee benefit plan with a “non-high performing” plan.

As professional benefit advisors, we forego the typical sales approach and adopt a consultative methodology centered on a potential client’s objectives.

The Advantage will provide a clear picture of a company’s current plan, its challenges, strengths and opportunities, and a strategy for its future; while giving a potential client the opportunity to take a virtual test drive of AP Benefit Advisors’ intellectual capital.

It begins with the completion of The Starter Kit, then progresses with a 90 minute, fact-gathering workshop we call “Discovery” and culminates with a customized benefits strategy and executable timeline, we call our BluePrint. The BluePrint will help you focus on a company’s current situation and provide opportunities for enhancement, showing the tools needed to implement them. We have found it to be a rewarding process.

The Advantage is performed completely on our dime, producing tangible results. Take a look at the video above. It’s a concise explanation of the process!