Benefits Administration | In Depth

Benefits Administration | In Depth

Web Enrollment

AP Benefit Advisors built from the ground up its current web enrollment and benefits administration system. The system is rules-based, very powerful, and extremely user friendly. While building the system we focused our energies and resources on perfecting the backend, ensuring that our eligibility transmissions to carriers would be processed flawlessly, each and every time.

Features of the system include:

  • The ability to accommodate virtually any benefit plan
  • Rules-based logic which permits employees to see only the benefits for which they are eligible
  • Centralized tracking of dependent children’s full-time student status
  • Customized links to benefit guides, SPDs, carrier web sites and any other information, at the client’s option
  • Online tracking of the employee’s beneficiary information

Using this system, HR departments will have access to all of the benefit information stored on the system. HR can have access to view individual employee records as well as website reports of who has enrolled or not enrolled. Your business will also have access to other reporting tools where you can run quick counts by plan and other criteria, allowing you to track changing enrollment patterns and changes in your employee demographics.

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Call Center & Customer Service

Offering a dedicated call center and customer service line to handle your employee’s benefit questions will not only make life easier for your employees, but it will allow your HR department to focus on the bigger picture.

Using dedicated teams and access points provides us with a variety of metrics to measure the quality of service and performance for your business. We will monitor calls by team and by representative to ensure that your employees are serviced to your standards.

The existence of the call center, the 800 number, and dedicated email address are widely communicated in all benefit communication materials, including open enrollment workbooks, payroll stuffers, educational material and employee ID cards.

The customer service call center has convenient hours of operations to ensure employees have time to address any benefit issues they may have. AP Benefit Advisors Customer Service Representatives are extremely experienced in assisting employees, averaging over 10 years of experience in employee benefits customer service.

Employees calling AP Benefit Advisors with benefit questions speak to a human operator, on average, within 35 seconds. Our team of dedicated representatives has made it possible for our overall customer satisfaction rate to be in the 99th percentile, well above the industry average.

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Consolidated Billing Services

AP Benefit Advisors can eliminate the burden of having to make multiple payments to various plan administrators and insurance companies by consolidating your payments into one monthly bill.

AP Benefit Advisors will develop a customized billing platform that will allow for:

  • Consolidated billing for multiple carriers
  • Electronic billing
  • Electronic payroll deductions reporting for your payroll systems
  • Electronic connection to vendors

The consolidated monthly premium bill will be fully reconciled against each carrier’s eligibility file so you only pay premiums on employees covered by the plan.

Our electronic connections to vendors is unmatched in its reliability and functionality. Our years of experience in the benefits administration business has taught us that vendor connectivity is a critical factor to successful administration and satisfied clients. We transfer data on a regular basis to accommodate virtually any effective date of coverage provision.

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