Employee Health Improvement

healthcareAnalyticsIncreasingly, employers are looking to data analysis and predictive modeling to identify and understand the health factors driving the cost of their health benefits program. With approximately 75% of health care cost attributable to people with chronic diseases, and the extensive body of evidence attributing chronic disease to lifestyle factors such as smoking, poor eating habits and physical inactivity, these same employers are actively seeking ways to promote positive changes in employees’ lifestyles by helping them reduce their health risk factors.

Data Analysis

Utilizing our claims data warehouse, we store, access and analyze your claims history to assess the risk factors that affect your company and to develop customized solutions based on your population. In addition, we identify large open claims and emerging claims in order to monitor medical management intervention and manage the reinsurance risk. By taking an in-depth look into your employee health population management, we are able to identify your company’s risks, and potential areas of saving.

Employee Health Improvement

From there, we will develop a strategy to bring wellness and health improvement to your workplace. Our consultants will work with you to document program specifics, develop the right communications strategy and identify potential vendors that best meet your needs. We’ll help you devise the right employee incentive programs to encourage more participation, drive changes in employee behavior, and measure the program’s return on investment.

Contact us to learn more about what we have done for other clients in this emerging area and how we can work with you to customize a program to meet your needs.