Chief Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officers

AP Benefit Advisors offers employee benefit solutions that increase productivity, employee retention, and ROI.

Our solutions do not come off the shelf, prepackaged and ready to go. Instead, we study your business, we learn your market and we listen to and understand your objectives before we begin to craft a solution. We dig deep to deliver a benefits program that not only meets your company’s financial objectives, but also provides employees with the benefits they want and need, while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

AP Benefit Advisors adds tremendous value to the human resource function of your business by managing the cost of your second largest human resource expense, your company’s medical plan.

Most importantly, we are committed to exceeding your expectations; and, we’ll back that commitment with performance guarantees that put part of our fees at risk if you are not satisfied.

What can we do for your company? We can show you with a complimentary review of your program. Our Quick Diagnostics tool can demonstrate how the right plan, at the right cost will maximize ROI and increase employee productivity. We will also benchmark your plan so you’ll see how it stacks up against the competition.